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Anemone coronaria - de Caen

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Important Product Notes:
Genus: Anemone coronaria
Cultivar: de Caen
Family: Ranunculaceae
Nickname: Windflower or Poppy Anemone
Bulbs per sq. foot: 10
Soil Moisture: average
Catalogue: Spring Planted
Bulbs: Zones, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Bloomtime, Mid Spring, Late Spring, Very Late Spring, Early Summer, Color, Red, Blue, White, Sun, Full Sun, Part Shade, Height, 7" - 12", Moisture, Average
Other Categories: Cutting/Picking
Site Specific Options: Container Use, Meadows
Ship Categories: Spring Planted shipped 3-15 to 6-15
de Caen - mixture of a riot of all colors; single flowers, look very similar to poppies and make great cut flowers! 1870; 8"-12"; whz 7-10.

Some of the showiest flowers of the spring to early summer garden. Plant as early as possible after the ground thaws for best results.  Ours are planted in full sun, but we've seen them blooming happily in partial shade.  They are more perennial when planted in raised beds in well-drained soil.  8+cm tubers; 10 per sq. ft.; whz 3-6 plant them in the spring; whz 7-10 plant them in the fall (they are available then, also!) or VERY early spring.  Please read the cultural instructions that are sent with your order for Anemones.  They will perform best if SOAKED OVERNIGHT prior to planting.

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