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Helleborus Wedding Bells

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Important Product Notes:
Genus: Helleborus
Cultivar: Wedding Bells
Family: Ranunculaceae
Nickname: Lenten Rose
Bulbs per sq. foot: 1
Catalogue: Fall Planted
Other Than Bulbs: Perennials, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Very Early Spring, Winter, Blue, Part Shade, Shade, 19" - 24", Pest Resistant, Average
Ship Categories: Fall items shipped 9-15 to 12-15
Helleborus Wedding Bells is a double flowered selection from the Wedding Party Series. Helleborus Wedding Bells is clear white with 2"-2.5" double flowers that bloom for six weeks or more beginning in late winter. This perennial is critter resistant, grows 18"-24" tall and is good for winter hardiness zone 4-9.

These natives of Greece and Asia Minor are the best companion perennials for spring flowering bulbs. Their dark green, segmented, leathery, evergreen leaves make a fine backdrop for spring bulb flowers. Their nodding, showy 2"-4" long lasting, bowl-shaped flowers come in a range of colors from dark plum purple through pink, cream, yellow to green, often with an attractive dusting of spots. They grow best in shade to part sun, in rich well-drained soil with adequate moisture and are close to being critter proof.

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