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Narcissus - Kiss Me (Pre-cooled)

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Important Product Notes:
Genus: Narcissus
Cultivar: Kiss Me
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Catalogue: Fall Planted
Other Categories: Indoor Bulbs
Ship Categories: Pre-cooled bulbs shipped mid Dec thru mid-Jan
Divisions: Division 1 – Trumpet
Daffodil Kiss Me is two toned yellow when it opens. The petals, that appear to be hugging its slightly curled and scalloped trumpet, mature to almost white. This daffodil is strong stemmed and floriferous. Daffodil Kiss Me is an early bloomer, great for containers and forces easily. Kiss Me is 12"-14" tall. 12/+cm

Daffodils are the most cost effective, pest-free perennial plants available and make wonderful companions with other bulbs, perennials, annuals and flowering shrubs. They grow in almost all areas of the United States as long as there is a discernible winter. They are pest-free and when given ample sunlight, water and proper nutrition, will provide early spring color for many years. They are divided into 13 divisions according to their flower shape and heritage and we have put the American Daffodil Society's descriptions in quotes ("") and caps at the beginning of each division. Daffodils should be planted in full sun or at least 1/2 day (8 hours)of direct sunlight after the leaves are on the trees and should be planted 3x the height of their bulb deep (3"-8")in compost enriched soil. The ADS defines DIVISION 1 - TRUMPET as: "One flower to a stem; the cup or corona is as long or longer than the perianth segments (petals and sepals)." Trumpets usually produce the larger bulbs than other divisions; often perform better in zones 3-7 than in the deep south; most have gray/green foliage 1/2" to 1" wide and supply great focal impact in flower beds. 4-5 bulbs per square foot; whz 3-8; 16+cm bulbs unless otherwise noted.

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Narcissus Narcissus
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